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NEW School Approval System (SAS)

The Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association would like to announce the brand-new CMMOTA School Approval System (SAS) for manual osteopathic schools across Canada.

The SAS has been under development for the last 12 months with a small team whose sole focus has been SAS.  CMMOTA is excited to have completed the SAS and has begun inviting manual osteopathic schools to participate.

The SAS was created out of the needs to further understand the educational training that new manual osteopathic therapist (MOT) members had received and to ensure the MOT CMMOTA members are safe, ethical, professional, and efficient practitioners.

The CMMOTA SAS is the first, and only, nation wide MOT school approval system that advocates for excellence in MOT education. Each and every manual osteopathic school that participates in the SAS process will have full support from CMMOTA via phone, email or through the SAS online system.

ALL the Canadian MOT schools that are SAS successful will:

·         Receive a CMMOTA SAS Success Certificate;

·         Have the school name and contact information added to the CMMOTA SAS Success web site list;

·         Benefit from CMMOTA school visits for each new class intake;

·         Know their MOT alumni will be welcomed as CMMOTA newest members;

More information about the SAS can be explored on the CMMOTA SAS web site page at

SAS is another positive step to advocating and supporting quality in the manual osteopathic education student therapists receive nationwide, and CMMOTA is proud to offer this for the schools.