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Information Bulliten - Alberta Members

Dear Alberta CMMOTA Members,

We want to start off by saying that here in the office we understand the incredible frustration that all of you are feeling about the surprise news that came down late yesterday afternoon. In case you missed it, the measures announced by the Alberta Government yesterday include the closure of all in person practice of Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathic Therapy effective at 12:01 AM Sunday December 13, 2020.  The measures will be in effect for 4 weeks and may be extended beyond that. These restrictions can be found at  and all current public health order can be found 

Virtual Massage Therapy can continue, and CMMOTA will be contacting the Health Insurance companies immediately to see if we can make changes to the way that these services are billed so that they will be eligible for use under client’s healthcare insurance plans.

We do want to be clear that while we support the desire of the Alberta Government to slow the spread of COVID 19 and keep our numbers from overwhelming the healthcare system, we do not believe that mandating the closure of Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathic Therapy services will greatly aid in achieving their goal of bending the curve. In the past number of weeks, we have communicated this very clearly to both Premier Kenney, and Minister Shandro.

As you all know, since the 15th of June, when Phase 2 of the Alberta Relaunch began, CMMOTA therapists have been working under the guidelines laid out by the Alberta Government in the Guidance for Wellness Services document.  Over the course of the last 7 months as an Association we are not aware of a single case of person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 in any Massage or Manual Osteopathic Clinical setting (on a side note if you know firsthand that this information is incorrect please contact the office as we would like to know if person-to-person transmission has happened).  The measures that were implemented back in June and currently still being followed have been working in keeping Albertan's safe.  We are concerned for those who depend on your treatments to combat stress, reduce pain, and aid in the treatment of medical conditions that they are currently dealing with. We believe that restricting Albertan’s access to both Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathic Therapy will cause more harm to those who rely on these forms of treatment.

We also want to point out that even with the current rise in COVID 19 cases in other provincial and territorial jurisdictions in Canada, the only other province or territory to include Massage Therapy in their restrictions has been the Territory of Nunavut, which implemented a 14-day closure, which has now been lifted in all but one community.

CMMOTA believes that our members can provide the essential treatments for all Albertans in the same safe and effective manner that you have been delivering for the last 7 months.  We will continue advocating on your behalf that this specific course of action should be immediately reversed, and that both Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapy should be allowed to continue under the guidelines which have been established by Alberta Health.

Until this occurs, all Alberta CMMOTA members must, effective 12:01 AM December 13, 2020 cease in person practice in accordance with the Provincial Government’s mandatory restrictions.

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