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COVID 19 Insurance Coverage Update

We have just received the following from our insurance Broker at Dusyk and Barlow:

"We hope you and your family are healthy and safe.

As the provinces slowly open, we understand there is still a lot of concern and uncertainty around opening up a business again. We have reached out to Novex, the insurance company, and they have released the following statement in regards Covid-19:

The circumstances of each claim are unique, so it’s difficult to provide a broad answer to coverage questions based on hypothetical situations. However, your Professional Liability Policy shall continue to offer you the same coverages as it did prior to the pandemic.

In this context, should a patient file a legal action against you after allegedly contracting Covid-19 in your clinic, your existing coverage still applies according to its terms, conditions and exclusions and Novex will provide the same legal response as they would have prior to Covid-19.

Our recommendation, would be that if you are going to start seeing clients again, follow all rules that are set in place by your provincial government and your governing body . Put all precautions in place for sanitizing and using the proper protective equipment recommended by the provincial government, this will limit the possibility of exposure and shows you took every precaution in the event that Novex is asked to defend you against an alleged claim.

Your Complementary Health Team “

If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact Dusyk & Barlow directly at or by toll free phone 1-800-305-6737.