The CMMOTA SAS Team is robust with experience and rich in passion for quality MOT educational programs in Canada. Here is a summary of the professionals involved with the research, development and implementation of the first ever national MOT SAS:

The CMMOTA Board of Directors

These individuals have participated in decision making and the direction of the SAS. They are directly involved with the questions new members, stake holders and potential new members present regarding MOT schools and related issues within Canada. The Board of Directors has been specific about the language used and the emphasis on supporting each and every MOT educational program to graduate safe, ethical, efficient and professional MOT’s.

The SAS Developer

The SAS Developer has worked with CMMOTA professionally for the last 5 years and has an in depth understanding of the integrity upheld by the people working with CMMOTA. The SAS Developer qualifications also entail the following:

  • RMT and MOT diploma holder, honors with distinction- CMTCA trained Surveyor for massage therapy schools / colleges across Canada for 5 years
  • Research and creation over numerous years involving massage therapy and manual osteopathic curriculum standards development
  • Worked with 3 Ministries of Education in Canada, including Alberta, Saskatchewan and the BC PTIB involving the recognition of manual osteopathic college curriculum to offer in those provinces
  • Principal of the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada for 2 years

The SAS MOT Subject Matter Experts

There were two Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) whom participated in the review and feedback for quality improvements involving the SAS Benchmarks, Recommended Text Books and the Deliverables. Both of the SMEs’ have extensive experience developing MOT curriculum, practicing MOT ( along with complementary health care professional modalities ), instructing MOT students and are ardent about the quality of MOT graduates entering practice as safe, ethical, efficient and professional practitioners.

The SAS Reviewers

The SAS Reviewers are MOT educators with years of professional experience as a health care provider. The SAS Reviewers are trained by CMMOTA to Review applying MOT educational programs to act objectively and with school support. The Reviewers are not permitted to Review the MOT school they are faculty or administration with, due to conflict of interest.


Last and definitely not the least, the SAS IT crew! The IT crew have been interwoven with the massage therapy and manual osteopathic therapy industry for over 15 years. They have a close understanding of the two industries and communities, which is demonstrated in their communications and abilities.