The SAS is the first of it’s kind to approve MOT educational programs training and curriculum standards in Canada. These MOT standards for education are mandated in many countries around the world to protect the publics’ health and safety. Here is a list of the national advantages the CMMOTA SAS provides:

Manual Osteopathic Therapists Benefits

  • Opening opportunities for manual osteopathic therapists, whom are alumni from MOT schools that have been successful with the SAS, to join CMMOTA as Members
  • Staying up to date and relevant with developments in Canadian MOT industry
  • Clients / Patients are confident in knowing the treatment they receive is from a graduate of a CMMOTA approved school

Receive ALL the Benefits being a CMMOTA Member provides:

  • Reimbursed by many major insurance companies
  • Work inter-provincially without changing association
  • Receive regular CMMOTA Newsletters
  • Have access to free COVID – 19 clinic documents
  • Opportunity to attend the AGM with like minded vendors and CEC’s
  • Receive various Member discounts: on workshops, products and stores
  • Be proud to be a Member of the 1st association in Canada to approve MOT schools

MOT Educational Programs

  • Protection of the health and safety of Canadians by establishing quality training and curriculum to produce safe, ethical, efficient and professional entry to level manual osteopathic therapists.
  • Promote excellence in the MOT educational programs curriculum content, clinical experiences and faculty abilities that you are involved with.
  • Benefit from the CMMOTA support throughout the SAS process with resources, guidance and positive feedback.
  • Once successful through the SAS, your school will be added to the CMMOTA SAS Approved list on the web site. This list is a reference point of excellence in Canadian MOT schools for new manual osteopathic practitioner students to research.
  • Establish Canada in the manual osteopathic therapy health care professionals community as providing quality MOT educational programs.
  • Being part of a unified voice of MOT quality educational standards in a time when manual osteopathic schools and practitioner demand are escalating at a very fast pace.
  • Have the ability to participate in the development of Canadian MOT educational program standards.