CMMOTA is excited to announce the launch of the first Canadian School Approval System (SAS) for Manual Osteopathic Therapy (MOT) educational programs! The main objective of the SAS is to safeguard the publics’ health and wellbeing by assuring Canadian MOT schools are graduating safe, ethical, efficient and professional manual osteopathic practitioners.

During the past 20 years manual osteopathic therapy in Canada has been expanding at an accelerated pace, especially over the last 5 years in the western provinces. While Ministries Of Education recognize the educational programs, there is not one organization focused on Canadian MOT schools standards for education… until now.

The CMMOTA SAS Team is a group of like-minded and passionate individuals with a common mission and vision for the future of MOT educational programs.

The CMMOTA SAS Mission is to review MOT schools standards of education, quality of faculty and supervised clinical experiences for approval to welcome new CMMOTA MOT Members.

This Mission is accomplished by:

  • Fostering support and communications among CMMOTA approved schools in various areas including education and clinic
  • Offering a common Canadian representation of MOT schools during a time of rapid MOT growth and demand

The CMMOTA SAS Vision for the future is that clients /patients are confident and safe they are receiving high standards of manual osteopathic therapy during treatment in Canada from ethical, efficient and professional practitioners.