Did you have any idea that there are SO MANY different types of first aid courses, let alone providers for first aid courses?? We sure didn’t until we did some digging!

We were seeing an increase in fraudulent certificates being submitted. This can be very detrimental to you as a therapist, having potentially spent your hard-earned money and time for something that either may not be valid, or doesn’t meet the requirements for Standard First Aid and Level C CPR Certification.

We want to give you a quick tutorial on how to tell if your course provider can actually provide you with a legitimate certification.

First, you want to ask them who the overriding organization is that they provide their training under. Also, not all advertisements for Standard First Aid and Level C CPR are valid and approved. Keep this in mind if you see a really great deal pop-up on your feed. Could it be too good to be true?

Second, you should verify with that overriding company that the training that you are planning on taking and the certificate that your course provider will give you can be verified by the overriding company. Every province has a list of approved first aid providers and is an excellent place to start when choosing a course.

You should also ensure that your course covers BOTH Standard First Aid and Level C CPR! Submitting one portion of the course (for example; sending in your Level C CPR card) is not sufficient and we would still require the Standard First Aid portion to be completed before this membership requirement would be considered fulfilled.

Did you know that if you book your course before your current first aid expires, then you can most likely just take the 1 day recertification course (which I do believe is cheaper). However, if you wait until your current certification expires, then you will need to complete the full 2 day course.

As part of CMMOTA’s policy, we check every single First Aid Certificate with the issuer for authenticity. If a certificate cannot be verified or is deemed to be fraudulent, it could result in putting your membership in jeopardy. Please do your research before purchasing a course.

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