We have just entered a new CEC Cycle and with that, some new changes to our CEC’s and how you can obtain your credits. We’d like to help you set yourself up for success when it comes to achieving the CEC’s you need!


We know that some courses can be very expensive, so we’ve come up with a number of different ways for you to obtain your credit requirements for little to no money out of pocket! Here are a few ways to consider:

  • Attending an AGM now earns you 4 CEC’s for each meeting you attend. Did you know that you can attend each of our AGM’s in our 3 year cycle (January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2024)?? That would be a total of 12 credits right there! This is easier than ever now that we’ve made our AGM’s virtual!!
  • We now have our very own Learning System called CMMOTA Learning through our website. Here we have a couple courses and are excited to have that list grow over time. There is one course so far, that is FREE and can earn you one credit! This course is called Learning Your CMMOTA Profile. Check it out for 1 CEC.
  • Volunteering to promote the industry (providing massages at an office or special event with no monetary compensation) will earn you 1 credit for every 2 hours, to a maximum of 3 credits per event. So if you volunteered at an event for 6 hours, you would receive 3 credits. You can do this 3 times in the course of our 3 year CEC Cycle for a total of 9 credits.
  • Every member receives 6 credits for having a valid Standard First Aid and Level C CPR certification on file with us. (Keep in mind that member only receive these 6 credits once as when a first aid is recertified, we simply update the expiry date and the credits remain on a members’ profile at all times).
  • CMMOTA Board or Committee participation – members can earn 6 credits for each year of participation. We have numerous Committees and are continuously looking for new committee members.
  • The courses we have on our website are ones that have paid to advertise with us. Typically online courses choose not to advertise although there are a few that do and are relatively inexpensive. You will want to watch out for the few course providers that our members can receive discounts through our Partner Perks program.

Even if you chose to attend every AGM and participate on a Board or Committee for 2 out of the 3 years, you would be sitting at your 30 required credits right there!!! No out of pocket money spent!!

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