The current 3 year period is from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024. This period is the same for all members. The submission deadline for continuing education credits is January 15, 2025. All members are responsible for completing credits and for submitting proof of same within the required timeline. The courses must have been taken within the current submission cycle. For example courses taken in the year 2021 or prior would not count for credits. The required CE credits are prorated depending on your effective date for becoming a Full member:

Membership Effective Date Credits Required Attend at least 1 AGM by Dec 31/24
Prior to January 1, 2022 30 Required
January 1/22- December 31/22 30 Required
January 1/23- December 31/23 20 Required, unless activation date falls after the AGM
January 1/24- March 31/24 10 Not Required
April 1/24- December 31/24 6 Not Required