How many CEC’s do YOU have? You can find that information on your Membership Profile Portal on the CMMOTA website. If you log into your profile, you can search through to find out how many credits you currently have and how many you will need by the end of the cycle.

To see your CEC’s, you will want to click on CEC’s in your profile. This will show you a breakdown of your credits. In the grey box on the left, under RMT Credits (or MOT Credits), you will see our current CEC Cycle. This information is useful in knowing when our current cycle ends (and ultimately, when our next CEC Cycle would begin).  The grey box in the middle will show you if you have any pending credits. (For example; you have submitted a certificate of completion which we have not yet approved and added to your profile.)

The grey box on the right-hand side shows you how many credits you currently have as well as many are required. With this information, you will be able to know how many credits you still need to obtain by the end of this cycle.