In order to initiate a complaint against a member of the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association the following forms need to be filled out and returned to the CMMOTA office by either email to or faxed to (403) 517-7675:

  1. CMMOTA ComplaintForm
  2. Complaints Consent Document
  3. Consent Form to Examine Confidential Information and Treatment Records

These are attached to this correspondence.

Once the CMMOTA has received these documents, we will launch an investigation into the complaint. This will include sharing the CMMOTA Complaint form (with contact information redacted) with the member, and a request for the member to respond to the complaint. As well, CMMOTA will conduct interview(s) with any parties named in the complaint and will examine any related documentation that we have been given consent to examine. Once the investigation into the complaint has been completed, those who conducted the investigation will write a report on whether the matter is proceeding to the Disciplinary Committee, or if the matter is being referred to a mediator, or if the matter is being dismissed. A copy of this report will be published to both the complainant and the member and the Board of Directors.

Following the publication of the Investigation report, you as the Complainant shall have the right to request that the matter be referred to a Disciplinary Hearing Panel, regardless of the decisions contained in the investigation report. In such a case, you, as the Complainant, shall be responsible to pay the Disciplinary Hearing Panel Fee, as prescribed in the CMMOTA Fee Schedule. This fee is currently $1000. This fee must be paid in full in order for CMMOTA to move forward if such a request is made. No portion of this fee shall be returned regardless of the outcome of the Disciplinary Hearing Panel’s recommendations to the Board of Directors. This fee only applies if you request a Disciplinary Hearing Panel – if the Disciplinary Hearing Panel is initiated by the Disciplinary Committee, then you will not be responsible for payment of the fee.

If you have any further questions or need assistance in completing the attached documents, please contact CMMOTA directly at

Document Downloads

  1. Complaints Form
  2. Complaints Consent Document
  3. Consent To Examine Confidential Information and Treatment Records

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