Location: Chestermere, AB
Dates: November 23, 2022 – November 1, 2025
Modality: Unspecified
Cost: $120
Credits: 3

This course will teach RMTs many of the essential business and income tax principles they weren’t taught in school.

After successful completion of this course, you will understand:

⎯  the criteria used by the CRA to assess whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor;

-the differences between sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations;

⎯  the advantages and disadvantages to incorporation;

⎯  the fundamental elements of the balance sheet and income statement and the difference between accrual accounting and cash accounting;

⎯  the difference between operating and capital expenses, and the impact write-offs have on taxable income;

⎯  common red flags that may trigger an audit or review by the CRA;

⎯  how income tax brackets work and why they shouldn’t be worried about moving into a higher tax bracket;

⎯  which expenses are eligible for deduction;

⎯  how to file a personal income tax return using TurboTax online; and

⎯  filing and payment deadlines and when instalment payments are required.


Chestermere| AB


Jordon Pierson, CPA, CA

https://www.onlinewellness.ca/income-tax-essentials |

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