Location: Edmonton, AB
Dates: November 23, 2022 – February 1, 2023
Modality: Unspecified
Cost: $5 – $49
Credits: 3

Aqua Alternative: New online course

So you can’t go to the pool for aqua exercise & hot tub massage due to a virus, your schedule or bad weather? Simulate pool exercises on land for clients & self! Course includes assessments & techniques: passive shortening & myofascial stretching, pin & stretch, modified GTO, trigger point variation & new progressive relaxation. Plus easy nutrition tips for RMT self care.

Continuing Easy Care: NEW online course 

You the RMT will continue to learn easy care tools for your tool box! You’ll have access to charts of different conditions with clear short video descriptions, when to use light pressure, cold or heat. Continuing new research on moving & massage the better side of body transfers to injured side. You’ll get adapted super simple core strength moves that clients will actually do!  Plus facia tips & movement videos. Easy nutrition tip, G-bombs for RMT self care & health tips for eyes, sleep & EMF reduction are included.

microMoves for RSI On-Line

microMoves: You the RMT, Relaxed Massage Therapist will learn microMoves for maximum mobility for clients & self!

microMoves improve:

  • posture
  • productivity
  • prevent injury

Course includes practical ergonomics, aerobic, balance, core strength & nutrition tips. Bonus: assessments, passive /active release (Dr. Feldenkrais Method), new trigger point techniques, face massage & bio feedback for migraines.

Level 1: microMoves-the  basics travelercise  online

Level 1 & 2 combined: microMoves for RSI online

microMoves basics pocket guide

microMoves basics desk guide

 Life Anatomy it’s FUNctional! On-Line

Lively Integrated Functional Easy!
FUNctional anatomy for all movement methods & massage. Manual & online videos with yoga tips.
Bonus content: Specialty massage: seated, supine, side lying, abdomen, shoulders, assessments, mirror therapy. Hydro help: water exercise, hydro massage + ice & heat tips. Muscle techniques: strain counter strain, GTO, PNF, RI, fibromyalgia. Balance tips: static, dynamic & contraindications.

Sign up at www.micromoves.com  CMMOTA TAB:  https://www.micromoves.com/rmta.asp

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